University Mathematics Guide:
Formulae and definitions with comprehensive summaries
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The guide contains all the necessary and important Maths formulae and definitions students may need and use at undergraduate tertiary level. The guide is user friendly and all formulae and definitions are in alphabetical order which makes reference easier. The guide can be used by all undergraduate Maths students all over the world and is very useful to any student who has Maths as a subject in their course, whether as a major or just on first year level. Dr H Brooks is the author of this guide and compiled it intensively over a period of three years.

The guide is available at a special price of R450. Orders can be done telephonically or by email.

Who We Are

Dr. Hannalie Brooks has a Ph.D. in Mathematics from the University of the Witwatersrand.

Dr. Hannalie Brooks

Dr Hannalie Brooks has a Ph.D in Mathematics from the University of the Witwatersrand. She started Millennium Maths in 2000, tutoring Mathematics to pupils from Grade 6 to 12 and Mathematics and Statistics to University students.

In 2010 she started specialising in University Maths, tutoring students in all fields of Mathematics from different Universities all over South-Africa. She now specialises in Engineering Maths and Major Maths and has a keen interest in Calculus of Several variables.

Dr Brooks is also the author of Calculus for First years, Part 1, with fully worked out examples, which is now available. The Book is a comprehensive coverage of all topics required in First year Calculus. There are numerous easy-to-follow fully worked out examples for every section. The book is ideal to brush up before tests and exams.

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What We Offer

Tuition is offered in the following courses

Major Mathematics

Tuition offered in all major Mathematics Courses , this include: Calculus, Multivariable Calculus, Linear Algebra, Abstract Mathematics, Real Analysis, Complex Analysis, Differential Equations, Number Theory and many more.

Engineering Mathematics

Tuition offered in all Engineering Maths courses covering all topics including: Vectors, Matrices, Calculus of one and several variables, Algebra, Complex numbers, Linear Algebra, Fourier Series, Laplace Transforms, Differential Equations, Complex variable integration techniques etc.

Business and Engineering Statistics

We cover common statistical methods used in applied sciences, Business and Engineering courses: these include descriptive statistics, simple random sampling, basic probability and counting methods, random variables, discrete and continuous distributions, hypothesis testing and confidence intervals, non-parametric tests, Chi­squared tests, Anova, correlation and regression and time series.

Mathematics Courses

Tuition offered in Mathematics required for the following degrees: B.Com, Biology, Economics, IT, Quantity surveying, Business Studies, Town planning, Geography, Physics and Chemistry.

Advanced Programme Maths

Tuition offered in Grade 11 and 12 Advanced Programme Maths. Group lessons are also available.

University Student Pricing

Fees are payable per lesson or per month in advance.
Packages of 5 lessons at 5% discount or 10 lessons at 10% discount,
payable in advance are also available.


  • R500 per hour payable monthly in advance
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  • R2375.00 per package of 5 lessons payable in advance
    Package of 5 lessons
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  • R4500 (attending once/week)
    per package of 10 lessons payable in advance
    Package of 10 lessons
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  • R4200 (attending twice/week)
    per package of 10 lessons payable in advance
    Package of 10
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  • R420 (per hour - per student)
    per hour payable in advance
    Group Lessons
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  • R400 (per hour - per student)
    per hour payable in advance
    Group Lessons
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